…an ongoing list of books read this year…audiobooks not included bc…they require no reading…&i don’t utilize the form, but if i did, i wouldn’t count them.

Currently: 50/72 [as of 01OCT21]

Yea, obviously, I read the article about the “Bad” art friend, and honestly, I don’t really care about the drama of it all, at all (not to mention the whiteness of the author in a context that’s attempting to present a relationship between an Asian and a Caucasian woman, and…

TRIGGER WARNING: this chapter peddles Suicide Ideation

He awoke one day as a full-grown adult, conscious, the Listmaker did. Oblivious to whether or not he ever had parents, the Listmaker always concluded that he must have had parents at some point, but somewhere floating along the surface just above the…

Fuschia. “Fuck,” she whispers. “Wha … what the …” Kevin stammers. “Back up!” she commands; “Back up!” “Okay, okay,” Kevin insists as he stops the vehicle midway into a parking spot and throws it into reverse; “Which way?” “That way!” she points, pointing back in the direction from where they…

Month Total: 6/7

45. Ages of American Capitalism: A History of the United States by Jonathan Levy

*this is a photograph of a book sitting on a white-painted window sill of a window that is covered in a light muslin, and behind the book sits a tall white, glass vase…

Dear Boomer *heart* #Millennials

Family (all three mothers, three fathers, five brothers and sister)

A Reminder

I feel a bit trapped inside this … liminal? … space. If you’re a writer, I’m sure you’re familiar with this … feeling? It’s not writer’s block, as you can see, since I’m writing this here piece right now. If you’re not a writer, then I’m not sure why you’d…

The Listmaker coughs a small cough. He is awoken by sounds the Listmaker ought not be making and rushes to his side. Blinking deep, slow blinks, the Listmaker looks at him and attempts a smile. “Shhh,” he calmly coaxes. The Listmaker carefully moves his eyes to meet his, and then…

The Desire of the Liar


From a woman who…

“You fucking fool!”

“I’m the fool? You’re trying to kidnap a grown man!”

“I’m not kidnapping you. I need your help, and now that I’ve spoken to you, your survival is … well, quite unlikely unless I also help you.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Keep your voice…

Sun 김선 Sailor

time traveler & word compiler

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