…an ongoing list of books read this year…audiobooks not included bc…they require no reading…&i don’t utilize the form, but if i did, i wouldn’t count them.

Currently: 44/72 [as of 01Sept21]

The Desire of the Liar


From a woman who works at 0500 and rides her bike there.

Dear three-to-five stone ring

“You fucking fool!”

“I’m the fool? You’re trying to kidnap a grown man!”

“I’m not kidnapping you. I need your help, and now that I’ve spoken to you, your survival is … well, quite unlikely unless I also help you.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Keep your voice down!”

“You’re yelling too!”

“Fine! Just shut up for a minute.”


“ … “

“ … “

“ … “

“ … “

“ … “

“ … “

“Just. … I can’t explain every single little thing right now, especially not in here. …

In Moderation


Full Tilt

The Difference Between Dissing, Dragging & Disrespecting

Solar Power


Originally published at http://ladypolarity.wordpress.com on September 15, 2021.

When I think about my life before I was shipped to the United States as a preschool-aged orphan who had survived the orphanage and who now needed to survive White America in a small rural town as the new Asian daughter of two white parents, all I can think about is how much I must, MUST, have missed Korean food, or worse, perhaps I felt as if I was being punished by now being forced to eat shitty white people’s food.

When the bodybuddy/lifemate and I first moved back to Korea, I cried nearly every time we ate out at…

The thing about fashion, presently, is that it really all seems as if a certain message is being sent by the haves. I mean, obviously, fashion is always sending a message whether you want it to or not, whether you can decipher it or not, whether you care or not. The point is that your clothes speak; they say something about you (whether you like it or not). The way that we present ourselves is by putting on clothing, to hide our nakedness, to shield ourselves from the exhibitionism of our birthday suits. …

Ding, Dong! The Witch Is Gone!




Dear Commenter

I’m a racist.

And so are you.

We all are.

This is why we must do our best to combat our instincts to fear the other.

Those of us who are not so bland,

We try our best to be part of this land,

But it’s the Whites who care so much,

About the way that their mediocrity means they don’t suck,

For to be mediocre in a sea of mediocrity

Is how one might define white culture.

But when greatness is striven for,

The threats and rants sure do soar,

And yea, it’s not my intention to make rhymes…

My problems with the dialogue around the newly-released, next step in the MCU, first-blah-blah-blah, flick, Shang-Chi (pronounced shung as in “kung” and chee, Shang-Chi, which I learned from a Men’s Health or Men’s Journal [yes, men are marketed to differently, and I find it to be hilarious] article, which I should probably look up and link to, rn, one moment please … I am unable to find it as I read the hardcopy, physical magazine article, but I do know now that it was a Men’s Health article …) and the Legend of the Ten Rings are many fold and…

“I don’t believe in shortcuts,” we hear you say, but the truth is simply, one hasn’t come your way. Sad trifles and condemnation against people who gain unearned, you stifle in stagnation about your intellect sorely spurned. In fact, people rarely get what they don’t deserve, yet you complain, create nothing, oh, what the nerve. What are the chances you’ll wake up to the crushing feeling that the problem is you who is jealous, always squealing. No matter how it is that you want to see it, peeps like you always lose, you’re a fraud, counterfeit.

She overheard a conversation…

Sun 김선 Sailor

time traveler & word compiler

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