• Darrin Atkins

    Darrin Atkins

    writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.



    Improve your life and discover the best articles on, personal improvement, relationships, love, psychology, parenting, and behavior of children, and addictions.

  • Jazalyn 🎭🎵💔💧✍🏻🗣

    Jazalyn 🎭🎵💔💧✍🏻🗣

    Idealism, Utopia fiction with singing rhetoric, acting psychology exploring love-hate in poetic, theatric monologues. Write to evolve, inspire. Web: jazalyn.art

  • Krys Lovelocke, J.D.

    Krys Lovelocke, J.D.

    I love to write; now I’m learning to share it. I write about: mindfulness, self-care, and being a better human.

  • Alex


  • Dandy Lioness 🌻

    Dandy Lioness 🌻

    Glitter in my hair Glitter in my soul

  • Gemini McCain

    Gemini McCain

    Meditating this morning and realized I didn’t know myself. Writing this because The Man said I should. I might change it later, but I doubt it. $GeminiMcCain

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