It’s easy to forget who you are in a river full of others who are not you.

…i stretch so that i can dance, because i love to dance, not stretch. &i only recently realized that i’ve forgotten this completely, and it’s a shame because i like to stretch and do yoga, but it does not make me feel alive, and i think this is due to the fact that i’ve always had a very flexible body, and flexible bodies take a lot of effort to maintain, but they also demand that they are maintained; i simply do not feel like myself after i reach a certain level of tightness.

…but today i remembered; i remembered that dancing is what makes me feel alive, and yet, i’ve not danced in a very long time, nevertheless, i have worked to maintain a semblance of my old youthful, dance-for-a-living suppleness, and now i’ve remembered, so now, i stretch to make my dancing body more able and ready for dance, when that time comes again.

time traveler & word compiler