…an ongoing list of books read this year…audiobooks not included bc…they require no reading…fucking duh.

Currently: 06/72 [01Feb2021]

  1. Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria? BEVERLY DANIEL TATUM, PhD
  2. The Witches Are Coming LINDY WEST
  3. The Black Presidency MICHAEL ERIC DYSON
  4. Upstream MARY OLIVER
  5. African Philosophy: The Essential Readings TSENAY SEREQUEBERHAN
  6. Decisions and Dissents of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Selection (edited by Corey Brettschneider)

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<p style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Hello At-la’s World! It’s me, Attila, again!</span></p>

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>First, I am very sorry for not writing in so long. The truth is that I’ve been very busy with my first few weeks of middle school. I have so much homework these days, and, honestly, I had no idea that seventh grade would be so much harder. I mean, I guess it’s not that it’s so much more difficult as it is just a lot busier. Middle school starts earlier than elementary school. I think I probably wrote about what elementary school was like already, a…

…i stretch so that i can dance, because i love to dance, not stretch. &i only recently realized that i’ve forgotten this completely, and it’s a shame because i like to stretch and do yoga, but it does not make me feel alive, and i think this is due to the fact that i’ve always had a very flexible body, and flexible bodies take a lot of effort to maintain, but they also demand that they are maintained; i simply do not feel like myself after i reach a certain level of tightness.

…but today i remembered; i remembered that…

is how i would define western philosophy (after reading the philosophical opinions of African philosopher, Oyeka Owomoyela), and the philosophy of a people are its ideologies, and a people’s ideologies are its culture. To find one’s self back in a culture of Rampant Materialism, i cannot help but fully understand the perversity of the United Statesian’s philosophical ideology’s complete lack of empathy. The objectification of a thing is what makes it sellable, and without sellable goods, what is capitalism?

It reminds me of the Iconoclasts of yore (who were foundational in christianity’s Great Schism, but as not-a-christian, not-a-religious-studies expert, i…

…as in, be as stubborn as one.

i am an ox, as in this is my year, the Year of the Ox, and my father took every opportunity presented to him to utter the phrase i heard come from his mouth more than any other phrase, “and you’re just as stubborn as one,” with my mother constantly accusing that, “you’re so stubborn, tiffany,” and this was obviously interpreted by a young child as not a good thing (and this was all while i still did whatever it was that they [two white people, mind you, as i am a transracial…

…this is the next chapter of an ongoing work of serial fiction…beginning at the beginning is not necessary if you enjoy the thrill of time travel, which is the main purpose of these fictional creations that are uploaded from time-to-time, here and elsewhere

[begin chapter]

A generous and kind spirit toward animals was something she always knew she lacked. Animals, in general, are understood as being creatures who possess the capacity for … preference … namely … an understanding of pain and the preference to not experience it, which ultimately points toward something greater, a preference for survival. This understood…

…&we’ve all been waiting for this chapter to…arrive as well so that we can finally find out what it is that ‘she’ can’t remember! …&if you’d like to begin at the beginning of this serial fiction about time travel and travelers of time, with the working title Bromides, feel free, or you can begin here and read however much or little as you see fit…in the meantime, thanks for stopping by *peace*

[begin chapter]

Contemplative, she stood at the edge of a splitting drive. To continue down the straight path for a bit longer, she determined, led to the eventual…

…for, as we know, these Bromidic travelers of time are…well, read the following chapter to find out, and if you’re of the organized type, you may begin at the beginning, or read in whatever order makes you feel alive…in the meantime, enjoy this installment of an ongoing work of serial fiction that’s published whenever here and elsewhere…*peace*

[begin chapter]

Impatient, the old man paces back and forth, slowly between the room for action and the room for thought. Delicate particles gently fall and cover the width of the old man’s wide shoulders. Dark again, the old man replaced all of…

…the time required for you to align yourself with the universe as it aligns itself in preparation for the thing that requires time so that you may align yourself in preparation for … change.

…among other things, but mostly, this is a chapter about Leily, and the chapter is a small portion of a fully-written first draft of a manuscript that is being posted slowly & steadily here and elsewhere at the discretion (/energy level) of the author/self-publisher. If you’d like to conventionally begin at the beginning, you may, or you may begin here and read in whatever order suits your fancy. No matter how you decide to consume these words, I hope (mostly) that there are few errors of spelling/grammar/etc. *peace*

[begin chapter]

She is having a rough time these days, and the…

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