…an ongoing list of books read this year…audiobooks not included bc…they require no reading…&i don’t utilize the form, but if i did, i wouldn’t count them.

Currently: 33/72 [as of 30JUNE21]

  1. Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria? BEVERLY DANIEL TATUM, PhD
  2. The Witches Are Coming LINDY WEST
  3. The Black Presidency MICHAEL ERIC DYSON
  4. Upstream MARY OLIVER
  5. African Philosophy: The Essential Readings TSENAY SEREQUEBERHAN
  6. Decisions and Dissents of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Selection (edited by Corey Brettschneider)
  7. The Rib King by LADEE HUBBARD
  8. The Quartet by JOSEPH J. ELLIS
  9. One Life by MEGAN RAPINOE
  10. The…

Remember that what doesn’t look like much from your vantage point might be a lot from a different vantage point (and vice versa).

“If I may opine,” he opines, “I’d rather not be compared to greatness.”

No, I don’t love video games; I like them, but love is really, for me, only for stuff that I can’t live without, like burgers. I love me a good burger.

The hatred on a Karen’s face when she inevitably stumbles upon a beautiful woman of color is palpable (&kinda hella scary).

It’s like offensive to people that I value my own privacy.

Ewe. Did you know that white people wear their shoes INSIDE their own homes!

Originally published at http://ladypolarity.wordpress.com on July 28, 2021.

As a movie that falls more effectively within the genre of “assassin” movies (i’m thinking “Bond, James Bond”), Natasha Romanoff is a female killing machine fighting through female issues among other females who all have to “deal with” the problems of patriarchy (and misogyny) in a world where women have to figure out, combat, and resolve “women’s issues” all by themselves … a cold, cruel reflection of the world in which we (females and those punished by society for possessing a pussy [or merely desiring to be &or identifying as pussy-laden]) already live and exist.

Patriarchy is real. (Obviously, i’ve…

My disdain for japan and japanese culture falls, perhaps, within the range of my disdain for nazis.

When a country colonizes (invades, loots, steals its women and all of its culture’s greatest expressions) another country, the colonizing country is a thief, a fraud, THE ENEMY.

Japanese culture isn’t “awesome” because the japanese are “awesome.” Japanese culture is “awesome” because KOREAN CULTURE IS AWESOME, AND THEY STOLE IT.

Japanese women aren’t “beautiful” because japanese women are “beautiful.” Japanese women are “beautiful” because KOREAN WOMEN ARE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL AND THEY WERE RAPED, PILLAGED, KIDNAPPED, AND FORCIBLY BROUGHT TO JAPAN.


it’d be nice to get a sense of who they are by reading their manifesto.

[watch out gen-z, there’s an ellipsis coming!] and then i remember the words of Killer Mike in RTJ4’s “ walking in the snow “ …

Never forget in the story of Jesus, the hero was killed by the state

Originally published at http://ladypolarity.wordpress.com on July 19, 2021.

She wakes up every morning, motionless, now conscious of her own consciousness, eyes closed; she removes herself from her own mental vicinity and ponders, “Look at me, lying in this bed, sprawled out beneath the covers, a smudge on the mattress, a mattress that is not even large enough to fill the room, and I not even large enough to smother the mattress. This room, measured in mere feet, so tiny, yet still a part of something larger, the entire apartment. The apartment, still a part of the larger building. The building, an insignificant one of roughly a hundred that…

&how to combat a mediocre supervisor

one of my supervisors is a mediocre “white” man, and i use quotes here because, even though his last name suggests that he is of hispanic/latin descent, he is white-passing and behaves with all of the entitlement of a mediocre white person. actually, all of my supervisors are mediocre white people because most people (who should be retired) who are stuck working hourly-wage jobs are mediocre, by definition.

one day, he commanded me to do some arbitrary thing for my job.

if we back up a little, here’s a quick brief about my job:

Everything hurts; everything aches, and he never really wanted to be part of any of this anyway. It was happen-chance and circumstance. Now, he realizes, everything has gone to shit, so far so, that even she has lost control. He needs to make a plan, but for what exactly, he cannot know.

When the old man was a young man, he could easily be satisfied, bought really, for the lowest of prices. The problem, when characterized as such by most of the people close to him, revolved not around his ambition or, what was it called?, monumental hustle, but rather…

When Keegan-Michael Key appeared on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show (12July21), I realized that he didn’t really know anything. He sorta just babbles, and then flails around a bit. This is not to say that he’s not entertaining. He simply doesn’t come off as someone who knows a lot of things. During his time in the spotlight, he harkened back to an era, a mere hundreds of years ago, when the idea of “the variety show” birthed what we essentially understand today as late-night comedy.

I beg to differ.

According to E. O. Wilson in his The Origins of Creativity

Sun 김선 Sailor

amateur tattletale & time traveler

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